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Powerful Oil Treatment

Powerful Oil's car engine oil treatment fluid bottle.


Premium quality, shear-stable, oil enhancer specially engineered to aid engine oil treatment and maintenances fluid so that its remains in its optimum quality. It possess a shear steady viscosity index improver, a lubricity agent, a deterioration fighter as well as acid-inhibitor preservatives.

Client Added benefits

  • Decrease Engine Wear
  • Lower Friction and Improve Strength
  • Minimize Oil Ingestion
  • Minimize the noise of Noisy Engines


  • Enhancer for gas engine in passenger car
  • Enhancement for diesel engine in light and heavy-duty vehicle

Suggested Use

  • Include Powerful Oil Treatment in your engine oil when engine is hot.
  • Use 1 cane of Powerful Oil Treatment with 4?? Of engine oil (Roughly 10% Powerful Oil Treatment method).
  • Include Powerful Oil Treatment whenever you change oil or in between oil change.
  • Enhancement for gasoline engine in traveling vehicle
  • Booster for diesel-powered engine in light and heavy-duty vehicle
Few prominent features of car engine oil treatment fluid of P-Oil.

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