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Powerful GL-5

Powerful presents GL 5 Gear Oil smart bottle to all beloved customers.


GL5 gear oil with best quality is provide by P-Oil. GL-5 gear oil is a mild-EP motor vehicle gear oil made for purposes where API GL-4 gear oil overall performance becomes necessary.


  • Automotive manual synchromesh transmissions and also transaxles, especially where producer particularly recommends up against the utilization of API GL-5 lubricants
  • Automotive spiral-bevel as well as worm gear differentials
  • Automotive guiding gears
  • Tractor and also agricultural gear sets, as well as oil-lubricated track rollers of crawler trucks
  • Commercial purposes for which API GL-4 lubrication are appropriate

Customer Advantages

Reduced routine maintenance

The unique mild-EP ingredient and corrosion inhibitor technique are non-corrosive towards sensitive copper alloy elements and shields ferrous precious metals towards rusting within the existence of humidity. Very good thermal balance retains gear conditions and bearings neat and totally free of hazardous build up.

Lengthier gear products life

The unique sulfur-phosphorus mild-EP additive process offers beneficial weight holding capability that also assists in avoiding gear tooth wear as well as scoring.

Extended oil services life

The extremely processed base oil as well as unique chemical technique supply good corrosion stableness that really helps in avoiding oil deterioration and thickening while being in operation.

Know about some of the important features of GL 5 Gear Oil.

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