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Powerful GL-4

Powerful Oil offers GL 4 Gear lubricant bottle with finest quality.


GL4 gear oil having multi-purpose, thermally steady, EP motor is specially designed. GL-4 gear oil is also developed for the high performance of your car and gear system. P-Oil also produces GL5 gear oil under the category of gear oils.    


  • Supplies extended equipment life by combating gear wear as well as scuffing.
  • Efficiently utilizes equipment availability by staying away from untimely failure or requirement for renovate as a result of deposit-induced seal wear as well as seepage
  • Aids sleek shifting in manual transmissions through managing double glazing as well as coking of friction floors in syncing parts
  • Offers extended oil support existence by fighting off corrosion along with oil thickening
  • Delivers in opposition to corrosion of ferrous and also non-ferrous elements


Appropriate for automotive hypoid gear uses which needs lubrication meeting MIL-PRF-2105E, MIL-L-2105D, MIL-L-2105C, MIL-L-2105B, API Service GL-5 or where EP, multi-purpose or hypoid kind equipment oils are chosen.

Suggested wherever loading is serious and optimum gear safety becomes necessary.

"Thoroughly clean gear" technological innovation causes it to be especially appropriate exactly where gear oil temperatures are excessive.

Not advised for manual transmissions as well as for transaxles in which the producer specifies API GL-4(mild-EP) lubricants, or the location where the supplier recommends up against the utilization of API GL-5(multipurpose, hypoid) lubrication.

Read some significant features of GL 4 Gear Oil.

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