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Powerful G-TOP

G TOP Oil developed with the help of Synthetic technology by Powerful oil company. See the bottle packing.


Powerful Gasoline G-TOP is designed from fully Synthetic Technologies foundation oil, top rated additive techniques and industry leading viscosity index booster, which fulfill the responsibility of existing sophisticated top tier engine oil quality of API SM and ILSAC GF-4. It really is enhanced to offer full engine oil overall performance particularly for fuel
effectiveness, decreasing friction reduction as well as increase durability.


  • Almost all gasoline fueled automobiles
  • Powerful cars built with DOHC, EFI and VVT
  • Four-stroke gasoline engines in motor bikes
  • Sporting events Automobiles


  • Optimum engine operating heat range, thanks to Thermal Management formulation
  • Decreases wear and restricts development of deposits around the the majority of loaded engine pieces
  • Offers secure procedure regarding catalytic exhaust converters
  • Very good against the intense thermal load, because of premium quality of the base oil
  • Makes it possible for quick and simple engine starting in the ultimate temperature circumstances
  • Additional cleansing overall performance
  • Especially appropriate for urban driving

Consumer Positive aspects

Gas mileage

  • The vast temperature range capacity for the synthetic engineered base fluid guarantees appropriate oil viscosity which usually decreases friction at start-up, and offers highest Engine strength along with maintainability
  • A decrease in the piston blow-by gas in conjunction with the oil's anti-sludge properties help support engine power along with cleanliness, which in turn expands the engine's service life

Manage Oil discharge time period

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance and reduced volatility will prolong oil discharge time period.

All-temperature wears resistance

  • Superior non-conventional foundation oil formula in addition to high quality preservative systems and industry leading viscosity index improver gives superb shear balance and optimum wear defense in high-speed, extreme temperature driving circumstances together with a fast, impressive oil film safety
  • In addition, it offers element wear resistance during the duration of surprisingly low temperature cold starts
  • Engine oil of the newest era and it includes a number of carefully picked out multi-functional improvers
  • Developed specifically for passenger vehicles, pre-loaded with each, diesel-powered and petroleum engines, through which conventional synthetic oil was previously utilized
  • Authorized for automobiles having diesel-powered engines, designed with catalytic systems and also particulate filters, given that the producer suggests the application of ACEA C3 class oils
Have a glance on the key features of G Top oil made up of synthetic engine oil.

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