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Powerful G-LUX SF/CF

Powerful Oil Presents G Lux SF/CF Mineral engine oil bottle.


Gasoline G LUX SF/CF mineral engine oil is developed particularly for traveler cars and low-weight oriented truck engines where the performance of API SJ becomes necessary.


  • Gasoline engines (four-stroke)
  • Gasoline engines designed with pollutants management tools
  • Commercial and marine uses of passenger car type gasoline engines
  • Diesel Engines (high-speed, four-stroke, normally aspirated)


  • Offers good engine safety
  • Verified metallic-organic anti-wear component system forms a protecting coating when they make contact surfaces to manage wear.
  • Efficient corrosion inhibitors control corrosion and rust.
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Special mixture of detergent along with dispersant additives manages piston as well as ring build up that may negatively impact strength and overall performance.
  • Extended periods in between overhauls
  • Excellent thermal stableness and corrosion level of resistance fights in-service oil deterioration that includes to filtration blocking and also sludge development.
  • Multi-grade mineral oil, suitable for heavy functioning cars, working in serious circumstances, especially in the atmosphere of urban traveling
  • Can be utilized within the engines designed with a catalyst, in case the manufacturer facilitates for using f an oil of the related or lower quality class
See this picture to know about the features of G Lux SF/CF important features


  • Decreases wear of engine components
  • Makes sure ideal engine health
  • Makes it possible for commencing at low temperature range

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