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Powerful Cleaner

Car Engine oil cleaner lubricant bottle of P Oil.


Powerful presents high quality car engine oil cleaner. Very successful engine eradicating oil is supposed for cleaning the buttered process of carbonaceous and varnish adjournment of fuel and diesel engines of all sorts and in addition mechanical transmissions and permitting changeover to oils with greater functional qualities. It is strongly recommended to be used at transition from mineral oils to semi synthetic and synthetic oils.


  • Maintains flexibility of piston rings
  • Helps prevent stopping of hydro jacks as well as gets rid of their knock
  • In the path of cleaning oil routes, other paths in the engine are eliminated from hazardous adjournment created during service.
  • Application is usually recommended at each and every replacement of engine oil.

Eliminating STEPS

  • Mix older motor oil through system, needing to contain the utilized buttered filter in position.
  • After that fill up oil system with motor flush oil (at least Seventy five percent from essential amount of oil within the engine).
  • Begin the engine and permit it to perform idly in a current state for twenty or so minutes.
  • After that combine engine eliminated oil from system, customize the oil filtration system and add with brand new engine oil.
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