Gasoline Engine Oil

Developed With Synthetic Tehcnology

P-Oil feels honor by presenting high quality Gasoline Engine Oil developed with both full and semi synthetic technology, designed for passenger cars & light weight trucks and guarantees the high quality performance.

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Gear Oil By P-Oil

High Performance and Quality Gear Oil

Powerful Oil presents high quality gear oil which is best suited for the transaxle of front side engine and front drive wheel drive vehicles. Gear oil works as a shield against deterioration of ferrous and also non-ferrous elements.

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Multi ATF Dexron III

Multi ATF Dexron III Oil By Powerful

Powerful Oil offers Multi Automatic Transmission Fluid DX III to meet the challenging automatic transmission environment demands. Responsive fluidity in low temperature benefits both hydraulic and electric transmissions.

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P-Oil, The Best Motor Engine Oil Brand

Powerful Oil Company is the most authentic sources of automotive lubricants.

Best Car Engine Oil to Buy

As the best motor engine oil brand, P–Oil has the privilege introducing its very own products of motor engine oils. People usually ask that which and what oil for my car is best suited and compatible. Now they must stop asking this question as a biggest supplier of car engine oil, P-Oil made highest quality oils for your cars and vehicles. Our quality engine oils include Gasoline engine oil, Diesel engine oil, ATF & Gear Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and some other motor lubricants. To meet up with the particular demands of the worldwide customers, we offer them the conveniences of personalized manufacturing and product packaging. Powerful Oil being a major exporter of best motor engine oils feels honor to offer you the high quality cheap motor engine oil and car auto lube along with unmatched customer support services.

P-Oil is one of the best automotive lubricants supplier in United Arab Emirates.

Best Motor Oil Brand in UAE

United Arab Emirates has a good reputation of importing different types of oils and motor engine oil is one of the types that is imported in a huge amount. P-Oil is playing a drastic role as a best motor oil brand in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and all over the Middle East.

Powerful Oil is the best Motor engine oil supplier in South Africa.

Best Car Engine Oil Brand in South Africa

After grabbing the huge success in the Middle East, P-Oil has acquired a commendable market in South Africa as a best car engine oil brand of all types. Understanding the rising demand of both fully and semi synthetic engine oils in South Africa, Powerful Oil has also pushed the boundaries of their business & broadened the car engine oil supply network all over the land of Proteas.

Development of the finest auto lubes has been the motif of P-Oil since its existence.

Best Synthetic & Semi Synthetic Oil Supplier & Manufacturer

Exactly the same way, we also place exclusive emphasis upon the well-timed supply of the client's best synthetic and semi synthetic oil consignments not only in UAE, Dubai or in South Africa but also worldwide and therefore consequently we develop long lasting relationships between our valuable customers and Powerful Oil. We have never compromised on the quality of our synthetic and semi synthetic oil products and that is one of the biggest reasons to get countless conversions from all over the globe. That is what makes us the emerging engine oil manufacturer and supplier globally.

Powerful Oil Top Products

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Gasoline Oil

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ATF & Gear Oil

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Hydraulic Oil

Latest Products

Another hydraulic fluid developed by P-Oil. Buy now the best Hydro HD Oil from Powerful Oil Company.

Powerful Hydro General purpose Hydral Fluid, rust and oxidation inhibited hydraulic fluid.

Recommended for mobile and stationary hydraulic systems using axial piston type pumps where R&O type oils are suitable. May also be used in systems using...

Automatic Transmission Fluid is very important for your vehicle. Buy Multi ATF oil from P-Oil and save your vehicle engine.

Powerful Multi ATFProvides good start operation in cold climates thanks to its excellent low-temperature fluidity.

High-performance, High-quality Multi-Vehicle Fluid for Automatic Transmissions. Powerful ATF Multi is a specially formulated fluid designed...

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Naturally aspirated Gasoline engines, LPG and Diesel engines in passenger cars...

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Powerful Brake FluidPremium, non-petroleum automotive brake fluid,

Designed for use in a wide range of conventional hydraulic brake and clutch systems in severe service conditions or where DOT fluids are recommended...

D Top CL 4 Oil is one of the hottest products of P-Oil. Click here and read about this product now.


Premium performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines requiring API CI-4, SJ, ACEA E7 performance...

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